Ukraine’s New Striking Range | Storm Shadow Missiles Hit Targets in Russia

On May 13, 2023, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that Ukrainian aircraft had targeted and successfully struck two industrial sites in the Russian-controlled city of Luhansk, located in Eastern Ukraine using Storm Shadow long-range cruise missiles, which were provided by the United Kingdom.

The Storm Shadow, a joint British-French innovation, is a long-range, stealth cruise missile designed for precise strikes on high-value targets, such as enemy infrastructure and military bases.

The Storm Shadow cruise missile has a weight of approximately 2,900 pounds (about 1,300 kilograms) and is equipped with a conventional warhead that weighs 990 pounds (roughly 450 kilograms). Its maximum body diameter measures 19 inches (approximately 48 centimeters), and it boasts a wingspan of 120 inches (or three meters). The missile’s propulsion is achieved through a Microturbo TRI 60-30 turbojet engine, propelling it at speeds of Mach 0.8. This formidable piece of weaponry has an impressive range of about 350 miles (approximately 560 kilometers or 300 nautical miles).

It is armed with a powerful BROACH warhead, designed to breach fortified structures before exploding, thus inflicting substantial damage.
Launched from an aircraft, the Storm Shadow navigates independently using terrain-mapping technology, following a pre-determined flight path while maintaining a low altitude to evade enemy radar detection. Ukraine’s air force can install the Storm Shadow on its Soviet-style jets, and like any cruise missile, it can be pre-programmed from the ground.

Ukraine’s Soviet-era Su-24 Fencer jet fighters have been equipped with the missile and, crucially, will therefore be able to launch surgical strikes from a safer distance.

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