Planting Espalier Apple Trees Part 1 🍎 How’s It Growing?

Hi Everyone! Today I am so excited to plant 4 beautiful espalier apple trees from Bower & Branch. They have a fantastic selection of unique and mature trees, please check them out, and if you do, please tell them I pointed you in their direction. Bower & Branch has supported me a great deal in the garden, and they provided me with these beautiful trees to plant and share the experience with you. Thank you very much Bower & Branch!

I planted 4 different variety. Honey Crisp, Red Delicious, McIntosh, and Gala. They all have different bloom periods and will work to pollinate each other. I should have mentioned watering them in. That should be done immediately after planting, which I took care to do. And it’s best to not leave your tree roots exposed and get it planted right away.

This is completely a new learning process for me, as I’ve never planted espalier trees, or fruit trees. In part 2 I will share how I will be implementing a cable trellis system along the fence. The supports shown here came with the trees, and they are intended to be temporary to get your espalier form started. I want the main focal point to be the branching structure, and the sable system I install will allow for this. Lots of rain here, but hoping to film that this weekend, I appreciate your patience.

If you are on Instagram, I’d love for you to follow along there, as I share a bunch of daily garden stories and photos. Hope you are all staying safe and enjoying your Fall gardens!

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