Merry Christmas 2019 🎄| How’s It Growing?

Hello… again! Ha! I feel like I’ve showed you the decorations about a million times by now. This lighting was just right, I couldn’t help myself. Not too bright, not too dark. Just the right sparkle. You guys know, it takes so much time to put these things up and it seems like it comes down in a flash. Savoring the moments, so I hope this doesn’t feel redundant to you. Just a super short video of Christmas warmth and joy. Have a great weekend, and an amazing Christmas week. I’ll be taking a short break after this video to really focus full attention on my family. I’ll still be posting some photos and things on Facebook and Instagram over the week if you guys really start to miss me! haha! Thank you again for filling my my days with smiles and friendship. Cheers! Laura

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