End of Fall Front Garden Cleanup 🍁 | How’s It Growing?

Hi there! Today I’m in the garden doing a final cleanup before I get to my full on Christmas decor. If you like to watch other people doing yard work, or the sound of a leaf blower, this is definitely the video for you.

First, I start clipping back a very old, and somewhat diseased Panicle Hydrangea. I planted this when I first moved in about 16 years ago, and since then, hydrangea varieties have improved so much. I may replace this one, but, I’m hanging on for now.

I’m also cleaning out some spent Canna, and Weigela (which I’m way late in cutting back) In most cases in zone 7a canna should be dug up and stored for the winter. I haven’t dug a single canna out of here and they spread like crazy coming back year after year. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I go in and trim the blooms off of my Wee White Hydrangea as well. The spent blooms on this variety are far less strong than the panicle type and they wither up and fall apart like paper very quickly, so to make a clean Christmas canvas, I clipped the blooms. I’ll be going back and giving a trim in the Spring and clipping out old / dead wood. These bloom on new wood, so there is no danger in bloom sacrifice.

Don’t you just love trying to shove as much as humanly possible into a single pop-up bag? It always amazes me how much can fit inside. It’s like going to the grocery story and loading up 10 bags on each arm to avoid multiple trips, and then you remember you left the milk in the car. HA! I hope you find this video motivating to get some final fall cleanup done. I find it strangely satisfying to watch garden cleanup videos. Next video will be me officially decking the halls! Thanks for joining me in my garden!

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