Creating A Sunflower Swag 🌻// How’s It Growing?

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Hey there guys! I’m in my dining room today serving up a tutorial on how to make my incredibly simple sunflower swag! This one would be so easy to do with the kids, and would take far less time in real life than the detailed explanation I’m attempting to give! So happy you are here, always! If you are enjoying these types of videos, please subscribe if you haven’t already and share.

Key points:
– Don’t you dare buy these expensive floral stems without a proper coupon.
– This will work great on glass, but I cannot confirm the use of this tape on paint wouldn’t be problematic.
– Don’t even think about trimming the stems on the large sunflower, unless you want to give yourself a headache!

Other items, including the sunflower stems, were purchased at Michael’s and are by Ashland.

If you want to be the coolest and most hip gardener that there ever was, you might want to purchase one, or two (in case one is dirty from gardening) of the amazing “How’s It Growing?” official shirts! (shout out to the 2 nice people other than my Mother, and myself that have bought one, you rock!)

I say many things in jest and like to keep things light and fun, but in all sincerity, I appreciate you just being here and watching these videos, all the kind comments, more than you could ever know! THANK YOU!

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